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Fairy Tattoo Designs – In Search For Your Perfect Fairy

fairy wings tattoo Fairy Tattoo Designs

Are you searching for a gorgeous fairy tattoo design? You are in the right website. Fairy tattoo designs can be found in the folklore of a wide variety of several cultures. In most tales, fairies are regarded as the personification of a one’s dreams or wishes.

This is one of the main reasons for it becoming a very popular tattoo nowadays. Although it comes straight from the fantasy world, it holds a much deeper meaning, which can be adjusted specifically to each individual.

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 Fairy Tattoo Designs

Some fairy tattoos designs are designed to emphasize the idea of personification of wishes, and as such will be designed to represent the deepest wish of the individual getting the tattoo. That is why most fairy tattoos people have a personal meaning behind them.
Some believe that their wish will come true by having the tattoo.
Artists will sometimes get a fairy tattoo themselves as a manifest of their muse.

Fairies usually commemorate youth and innocence. They are also commonly acknowledged for their sense of childlike-wonder point of view at the world. A tattoo of a fairy can be a tribute to the fantasy world of childhood, the deep desire to live in the fairy tales we all adore. This is probably the reason why fairy tattoos are so widely desirable by women all over the world.

Tiny Tip On How To Personify Your Fairy Tattoo Design

One more reason could certainly be the wide variety and diversity of fairy tattoo designs. They allow imagination and individuality go wild, as any aspect of someone’s personality can be emphasized through a fairy. For example: If a person is shy, they can have a fairy tattoo design that either matches their shyness or they can have one that is bright and grabs everyone’s attention.

Masculine versions of fairy tattoos are also available; they are often embedded with other manly fantasy elements such as: dragons, skulls or fire. For men, fairy tattoos are often granted the look of a fiendish or dark creature; whereas the female versions will tend to be tenderer and brightly colored.

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Due to their resemblance to Angels and because of their flexibility to be easily changed to fit any individual or personality, fairy tattoo design ideas are often used as memorials. A tattoo is often designed in memorial of a friend or family member that has passed on, remembering them in a pleasant way. Likewise, in some cases, men will get a fairy tattoo reminding them of a wife or a daughter. Whatever you decide your fairy tattoo will symbolize to you, rest assured that your wishes, hopes and memories will always be close to you.

Another benefit of the fairy tattoo design is that it is easily scaleable and looks great on nearly any part of the body. They can be as complex or simple, or as colorful or neutral as you would like it to be. Although they can be placed anywhere, the most popular locations are: the lower back, the hips, the ankles, and stomach.

These areas are ideal for creating designs as detailed or as simple as one’s desires, and the size in these locations can be easily adjusted as well. In most cases, fairy tattoos are done rather small, in order to keep true to their mythical tiny measurements.

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Celebrities and Fairy Tattoos

Fairy tattoo designs have become even more popular with celebrities such as Britney Spears being the most known. Britney’s fairy tattoo is located on her lower back and is very colorful and childlike. Rachael Miner and Jamie King also have fairy tattoos on their lower back. Actress Denise Richards has a fairy tattoo on her right ankle and actress Amber Tamblyn also has one on her left.

Actress Alyssa Milano got a fairy tattoo below her belly button. Christina Ricci has her fairy tattoo placed on the inside of her left wrist. No doubt, fairy tattoo designs are amazingly popular among people and celebrities mainly because they represent our inner selves, our wishes and our great desire to keep just a small portion of magic and wonder in our lives.

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