Barb Wire Tattoo Designs

Perfect Spots For BarbWire Tattoos

barbwire texas Barb Wire Tattoo Designs

Barb wire tattoo designs are popular tattoo designs appealing both to men and women. These kinds of tattoos have many different variations that may appeal to many people. The appeal of these kinds of tattoos lies in their inherent design to be placed on the upper arms or ankles. While the ankles and upper arms are where these designs may be made for, barb wire tattoo designs can also be used for other areas of the body, not necessarily the ankles or wrists. The barbed wire tattoo lends a certain bondage quality that may appeal to some people or shows some form of keeping or locking.

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One thing that should be clear about tattoos is that not all people approve of these. Many establishments discourage their employees from tattoos which are visible or having tattoos at all. Tattoos can be the basis of one being not admitted for work in some companies or establishments. This is one reason why the wrists is one place where barbed wire tattoos may be located but may be highly discouraged due to job limitations, unless one is willing to wear long or longer sleeves to work daily. The wrists may be ideal for barb wire tattoo designs; however, they are highly visible, thus making hiding them more difficult.

barb15 Barb Wire Tattoo Designs


The back is a popular place to ink tattoos. One reason is due to the wider expanse of skin available for design ideas. Barb wire tattoos can also be placed on a person’s back. The design can be totally different from the traditional chain design of barb wire tattoos. The barbed wire can actually be wrapped around a rose, a heart or any object that catches the fancy of the person who wishes to have the inking done. Barb wire tattoo designs are not actually limited to the chain design and can be added to any design if requested. The tattoo designs can be small or large depending on the person’s preferences since the back is probably one of the wider expanses of skin in the human body. The barb wire tattoo design can extend from one shoulder up to the other or from the nape to the upper cheeks of the buttocks.

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Neck And Waist

In the way of the traditional locations of barb wire tattoos, the neck or waist can sport one if the person wishes so. The neck can sport a permanent necklace made of barbed wire while the waist or hips can too. Obviously, the waist has a bigger chance of not being noticed while the neck tattoo may be a bit difficult to hide, so you may want to take this into account before you make your selection out of the hundreds barb wire tattoo designs available.

barbwire necklace tattoo by tokmakhan Barb Wire Tattoo Designs

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